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Celebrate Bosses Day on October 16th!

Bosses Day takes place Friday 16 October, 2015.
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Celebrate Bosses Day on October 16th!

Bosses Day, an annual day in corporate calendars since 1989, takes place for the 26th year on Friday 16 October, 2015.

Bosses Day can mean different things to different people. Some workplaces view it as day to organise a breakfast or a lunch to say thank you to the bosses for their contribution to a better place to work in; others view it as day to focus on leadership training – whatever the perspective, Bosses Day is an important date for all organisations as it marks a day for reflection.

In essence, national Bosses Day should be a tribute to good leadership, and sends out a message to workplaces nationwide, that developing, retaining and rewarding good leaders is the key factor to an organisation’s success and sustainability.

For people at work who wish to mark the day with a celebration, there are various possibilities.
  • Hold a breakfast or lunch:  Take the boss or bosses out to breakfast or organise one in-house (alternatively a lunch). The occasion can be as simple or as sophisticated as you like or a budget permits. You can organise for an entertainer, like a mentalist.
  • Send the boss a gift: This can range from a thank-you card, CD, book, a goodies-basket or tickets for a night out.
For organisations who want to invest in leadership on that day, the possibilities are:
  • Hold an in-house breakfast event with a speaker: Invite a leadership guru to address all executives on latest trends in leadership and future trends as well.




Leadership words of wisdom

Leadership is the challenge to be something more than average.
--Jim Rohn


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