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16 October 2012 Boss of the Year® 2012 titlebearer announced here

11 September 2012 Boss of the Year® 2012 Finalists announced here

30 July 2012 Boss of the Year® 2012 Semi-finalists announced

Every year in South Africa, through the Boss of the Year® Award, we seek to identify who is getting leadership right in the current workplace scenario and business climate.

This year, the top 15 semi-finalists show that indeed this is not a time to look for the ‘silver bullet’. The top bosses listed below, in line to receive this year’s workplace leadership award, have in common two key attributes required for today’s leadership realities: They understand their challenges and know where they want to go; and they focus on Values, Principles and Practices.

The 2012 semi-finalists are: (alphabetically by first name):

1.André de Ruyter – Senior Group Executive for Sasol

Nominated by Charmain Fourie who says of him:

André takes an active interest in his staff’s growth and development, recognizing and treasuring their contribution and achievements.Not only does he do this by showing his humanity, displaying gratitude and showing sincere thanks, but actively supporting and coaching his staff and ultimately by seeking and securing better career opportunities for them.

André is an excellent communicator and because he shares relevant information openly he ensures that all employees and interest groups are able to work towards a common goal.He is a well rounded leader focused on celebrating success in the organization and is highly trusted and respected for integrity.

2.Bongani Mabizela – CEO of Ulwazi Holdings Group

Leoni Black, his nominator has this to say:

Bongani is a dynamic and inspirational figure who cares for his employees.He is passionate about his vision and this is contagious.

He is fearless and tackles everything “head on” with a positive approach and a winning attitude.Besides having an open door policy whereby any staff member can speak to him at any time, we have Monday morning staff meetings where he addresses the staff on general matters – and most importantly – gives us a message of encouragement.

3. Dr Kebalepile Mokgethi – CEOat Royal Bafokeng Health

His nominator, Thabo Swathe says of him:

My boss deserves to be recognized through this award for he has worked tirelessly to make a mark in the Health and Social Services sector in the North West Province and making our department an Employer of Choice for professionals in the Health and Social Services sector.

He has a special way of motivating his employees and his charisma inspires all of us.

Besides other support systems, we have an Employee Assistance Programme where employees can receive assistance together with their family members.My boss has initiated this to assist us because we deal with situations that are overwhelming e.g. the many HIV orphans we visit and the plight of the poverty stricken families.

4.Kgotso Schoeman – the CEO at Kagiso Trust

This is what the nominator Nontando Mthethwa says:

The staff of Kagiso Trust (KT/the Trust) are able to find inspiration from Kgotso as he lives out the principles and values of the organization, i.e. integrity, accountability, mutual respect and a bottom-up approach to development.He exudes passion for work of KT so much so that it encourages one to seek that passion from within as well.

An organisation’s sustainability as well as employee retention rests on the shoulders of a visionary, sober minded and passionate leader who has humility and is able to bring out the best in their employees.Kgotso is all of the above.

5.Kobus Lindeque – Area Director for Monsanto Africa

Magda Du Toit, who nominated him tell us:

Although Kobus provides excellent direction to the company and inspires goals for the employees, he does not only lead people; he leads development, careers and individual lives.But most of all, Kobus does not view his position as a right to influence others; he sees it as a privilege.

Although Kobus visits various sites regularly, he believes in an open door-policy and even though he has a full programme, he is always prepared to set time aside for conversations with employees – and makes them feel important to the company.

Everyone in the organisation, across all levels and every aspect of diversity, is naturally drawn to him.With his magnetic personality, the corridors bustle with excited, energized and happy people who actually like coming to work every day.

6.Leon Deist an Executive at Liberty Life

Says his nominator, Cassim Ebrahim-Sujee:

Leon is en empowering leader who focuses on developing and sharing his strategies with the team.He is accessible, approachable and a good listener. He lives the leadership values of the organisation.

Leon is one of those rare Executives that can connect strategic insight, operational know-how and great leadership ability. Leon makes sure that his team fully understands the ultimate business goals by, not only engaging constructively but also empowering the team to make decisions.

Leaders are not leaders unless they have followers.We can confidently say that Leon has all 1200 of his people behind him – 100%

Liam Terblanche – the Chief Information Officer for Accsys

His nominator Christo Krause tells us:

Liam is an inspiring leader who leads by example and is always on top of the latest developments.Although he is about 20 years younger than me, I am proud to call Dr Liam Terblanche my boss.He is definitely the best boss I’ve ever had.

He sets high standards but will always express his appreciation for work done well, even for work still in progress.When a new product or feature is launched, he will give credit to the people that worked on it.He plays a big role in instilling a positive culture in our company.I feel more that I’m working with him than for him.

8. Marius Rezelman -Managing Director of PSP Icon

In his nomination, Sandy Morris tells us:

Marius is a great motivator, who firmly believes in “work hard, play hard” – which results in his staff wanting to give 110% everyday.Respect is earned and he has ours.

Marius makes it his business to know his staff and their families on a personal level.This includes our tea assistant who has been with him since the company’s inception.If anyone needs financial assistance, time off for personal reasons or needs someone to lend an impartial ear, Marius is the person they go to.

9. Mmatshepo Rasebopye – Director: Supply Chain Management for Department of Labour (Unemployment Insurance Fund)

Madidimalo Ramare, the nominator reveals:

Ms Mmatshepo Rasebopye is a leader who is passionate about the vision and mission of our organisation.

She appreciates contributions from staff and in return we feel appreciated and more positive about ourselves and our ability.She applies fairness and consistency in employee recognition and most importantly she does not fear to say “thank you”, “that’s a great idea, I never thought of that” and “you did good, keep up the good work” irrespective of one’s level or section one works in.

Her confidence and passion puts her in a level of professionalism that creates a conducive environment for her team to excel in whatever they do.

Nopasika Lila – Chief Financial Officer for Eskom Pension and Provident Fund

Cynthia Makoatsane says in the nomination:

Besides being visionary, Ms Lila is a good coach who motivates employees to think like owners. And empowers us to do the things we enjoy doing.She provides direction and inspires our goals by instilling passion about the vision and mission of the organisation.And also be establishing an environment conducive to continuous improvement both personally and professionally.

Something we appreciate is her offering employees “time-out” when it is important by allowing us to leave the office early or take half day off.

11. Pieter le Roux – General Manager Project Sourcing for Eskom

The nominator is Liz Lamprecht and from her we learn that:

Pieter is a team player believing that his work achievements are a result of the people’s daily commitment and contribution.

His natural ability to lead by example, coupled with his management style, personal values, work ethics and humbleness – makes the staff follow willingly resulting in him being a highly respected executive team member.

Nothing is too much for this understanding, compassionate and empathetic leader who also has a hands on approach.He has the ability to facilitate win-win situations when the going gets tough.Pieter knows when and where to place resources so that we can operate at our full potential and contribute to positive outcomes.

12.Roy Pillay, Senior Manager Card Fraud Department at Nedbank

Nominated by Ashne Ramlowtan-Pillay who says:

Roy is dynamic, innovative and resourceful – a peoples person who nevertheless does not lose sight of the divisions goals.Roy values trust and we know that he trusts us.

On a monthly basis, three staff members are nominated as top achievers.We get together on Friday afternoons, irrespective of the weather to have ice-cream cones.Roy allows us this time to bond with fellow colleagues.Spontaneously, on some Wednesdays, Roy would buy us “Wacky Wednesdays” lunch.When we approach him with ideas for functions, Roy is always supportive with time and money.At the start of long week-ends, we get time off to leave early.On an annual basis, Roy makes the effort to nominate deserving staff to the Nedbank Top Achiever program.

13.Tess De Kock - ECD Manager for False Bay College

Her nominator is June Baatjes who tells us that:

Tess is the most wonderful person to work with and for.She allows us to give input in the journey towards reaching our goals.Our meetings with her are a “buzz” where our progress is discussed and we find solutions for the many problems we experience in the Early Childhood setting.

Tess is a hands-on supportive manager.She will allow us to take the accolades and stands in the wings to catch us when we fall. She deserves to be Boss of the Year, not because she is perfect but because she is humane.She is the foundation on which we are able to go out buoyed with her love and support.

14.Vivienne McKay – Director of Blue Pencil Consulting (Pty) Ltd

Arlene Velloen, the nominator says of her boss:

Vivienne has a hands-off approach, inspiring all employees to find solutions for themselves by probing and asking questions rather than just giving them the answers – this encourages us to create our own goals and plot our own direction based on our personal strengths – this promotes personal and business growth.

Over the past two years her company has tripled in size, increasing her workload and pressures yet she is unwavering in her outputs.Through all of this, she provides a vast amount of support and recognition to others, yet there is nobody there to recognize the minor miracles she performs daily, so she deserves to be acknowledged and rewarded.

Six finalists will be selected from this group who will then meet the judging panel that convenes in October.This will be followed by the announcement of the overall winner on the 16th October – National Bosses Day - at a banquet luncheon.

Organised by Dictum Publishers (Pty) Ltd, this award aims to acknowledge and pay tribute to those bosses throughout South Africa who continually strive to provide guidance that place their companies and staff ahead of the pack despite the tough economic conditions being experienced.

Apart from the honour of being rated amongst the best bosses in South Africa, the recipient of the award and his/her nominator, as well as all the finalists and their nominators will receive a constellation of prizes from an A-list of sponsors, including the Patron - MTN SA Foundation, Arthur Kaplan Jewellers, The Blue Train, Die Kunshuis Clanwilliam, Europcar and World Leisure Holidays.

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Help us identify the Boss of the Year® 2012

Calls for nominations have opened for the annual Boss of the Year® Award and we’re looking to people throughout South Africa to identify a likely candidate within their organisations.

Everything about the way we work, communicate and network has changed rapidly over the last ten years and we are expected to keep pace and transform alongside these continuing shifts. It is a unique situation that calls for distinctive leadership.

This leadership is one of the most problematic challenges we currently face, not only in SA, but on a global scale; leadership that is able to guide us, embrace possibilities, inspire progress and master social change in unchartered waters.

The Boss of the Year® Award, now in its 23rd year, looks to identify and reward these leaders annually; a vital exercise in keeping alive the critical awareness of sound leadership as a national priority in the sectors of private and public enterprise as well as civil society.

Says Ornella Trinco, of Dictum Publishers, founders of the Award: “A key objective of the Boss of the Year® Award is to pay tribute to leaders in the workplace who see people as the primary assets and invest in them. A contemporary boss is enlightened and values bottom-up input and insights.”

As MTN SA Foundation enters its 5th year as patron and main sponsor of the Award, Robert Madzonga of MTN SA, says: “The year 2012 presents workplace leaders with paradoxes of growth and careful housekeeping and this challenges leaders to ensure they understand what touches hearts and moves minds i.e. the new ways of influencing and new ways of working.

“This year also challenges leaders to understand what engagement and involvement really means and how it is to be achieved if people are to find meaning and fulfillment in their work – opportunities need to be provided for people to develop themselves and their careers.

“In finding good leaders this Award creates a leadership standard for South Africa – and by leadership here we mean leaders of people which is a skill other than leadership of organizations or brands. MTN SA Foundation is therefore an active supporter of this initiative because building a strong leadership pool of rolemodels is imperative for the continued success of SA business and broader society.

Nomination forms are available online at
www.bossoftheyear.co.zaor via email
bossoftheyear@dictum.co.zaor via fax by requesting a form from our offices on 011 616 7401

Apart from the honour of being rated amongst the best bosses in South Africa, the recipient of the Award and his/her nominator, as well as all the finalists and their nominators will receive a constellation of prizes from an A-list of sponsors, including the Patron - MTN SA Foundation, Arthur Kaplan Jewellers, The Blue Train, Europcar, Die Kunshuis Clanwilliam and World Leisure Holidays.



Leadership words of wisdom

Leadership is the challenge to be something more than average.
--Jim Rohn


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