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  Connecting Leadership Generations

The best gift you can give yourself - and your fellow executives!

The book covers the experience and insights of South African workplace leaders and provides executives and aspirant executives on one hand, and lecturers on the other, with a direct line to the minds of our leaders making them privy to their thoughts and hopes!

Connecting Leadership Generations is that cross generational publication that exposes us to the rich minds of the past and present and interestingly enough most of the gems therein are perennial.
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  Best Leadership Practice 

The Best Leadership Practice publication is unique, and the only one of its kind, covering the excellence factors in leadership.

This publication provides leaders and aspirant leaders, with a synthesis of practiced and observable behaviours that will result in effective leadership.

Divided into seven chapters, it covers Best Leadership Practice in relation to: self; peers; clients; stakeholders and share-holders; human resources; the organisation’s geo-political location: and to the global village - as such this makes it uniquely comprehensive of every dimension a leader needs to be aware of.

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   Women in Leadership Census 2015

The 2015 Census is the only one of its kind in South Africa that provides the most comprehensive and insightful analysis of women in leadership, spanning across various organisational entities and economic sectors in South Africa to date.

The 2015 BWA Census has been enhanced with a few new areas of focus such as global views, entrepreneurial leadership perspectives, and opinions from the Education and Healthcare sectors. 

Published by Dictum on behalf of BWA.

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  16 days. 16 causes

 This publication covers a 16-day long period focussing on what leaders should be, and do, in order  to better serve their organisations and their people.

The first 16 days of October was the chosen calendar because 16th October is national Bosses Day (not only in SA but in many countries worldwide) and thus it makes huge sense to use this period of the year to focus attention on the leadership cause.

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 Blueprint for workplace Leadership in the 21st Century

Leaders learning from leaders is the core of this publication – a good-to-have for all CEOs, MDs, Managers, Ministers, Premiers and Director-Generals.

Blueprint for Workplace Leadership in the 21st Century is the result of a Summit held by the Leadership Forum for leading corporate captains of industry, academics and gurus who wrote articles on the various facets of modern leadership.

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CEO Book (2005 Edition)

The CEO Book showcases the South African CEO community, who are the men and women who drive organisations, and fuel the economy with their efforts. They provide the stewardship and the opportunities for many to have bread on their table.

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  Leadership Fables

"Leadership Fables – Featuring Golden Rules from Leaders for the Youth” encourages its readers to explore their own perspectives on the principles of leadership and in doing so, enrich them with new horizo
The driving purpose of the book was to inspire our young generation to adopt ethical leadership values. The fables derived from learners after debating what ethical leadership meant – these also inspired visual concepts such as cartoons and paintings. 30 captains of industry from across SA contributed a golden leadership rule for each fable.

Published by Dictum on behalf of VCI – Valued Citizens Initiative. Book Sold Out

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  Connecting Leadership Generations

Book Summary:

The Book consists of four parts:

The first part concentrates on short, powerful insights by some of the leaders who have been awarded the title Boss of the Year®. You will find the key 16 l
eadership traits are covered in a quotable quote format. This makes for useful learnings for all readers, for sharing with your colleagues, as well as for workshop discussions.

The second part involves some of the same leaders, but includes others who reached the finals stage of the Boss of the Year® Leadership Award, and whose experience and acumen make for essential reading. In this chapter, we introduce them to you, and share their perceptions, perspectives as well as hopes for the future. You will note that there are a number of areas where their opinions on skills and attributes match, but you will also note that note each one gives prominence to a particular area, which could be a reflection of a personal experience, or of a certain industry, or even a particular reigning economic environment that brought to the fore a need for a specific skill.

The third part incorporates articles by experts of worldwide acclaim and their reflections and ponderings on leadership, and the fourth part consists of appendices.

'Connecting Leadership Generations’ is a treasure trove for all who would like to have a positive impact on the people they lead.

The timing of the book could not be better, according to the publishers as South Africa is in dire need of role models. The year 2104 has shown a cry for positive, responsible and ethical leadership, and " we believe that this book may act both as a motivator and as a catalyst to get people at the helm of their organisations in private or public sectors to reflect on how best to view their role and responsibilities".

'Connecting Leadership Generations’ is available on order from the publishers and retails at R 135.00 (VAT incl but postage excl.) 

   Best Leadership Practice

The Best Leadership Practice publication is unique, and the only one of its kind, covering the excellence factors in leadership.

This publication provides leaders and aspirant leaders, with a synthesis of practiced and observable behaviours that will result in effective leadership. Divided into seven chapters, it covers Best Leadership Practice in relation to: self; peers; clients; stakeholders and share-holders; human resources; the organisation’s geo-political location: and to the global village. Benefits to sponsor/s: Exclusive promotion of brand (products & services).

When gathering a selected group of CEOs, academics and leadership gurus with the request to discuss and explore best leadership practices, one can expect thought-provoking results. This publication provides leaders and aspirant leaders, with a synthesis of practised and observable behaviours that will more easily get their people’s buy-in. It is a structured collection and collation of South African leadership and leadership scholars’ thoughts, meant to provide the community at large with a mentoring tool, and stimuli for reflection and further debate. Wisely and widely used, it will maximise leadership potential and performance.

   16 days. 16 causes

About the Toolkit

The 16 days.16 causes campaign focusses on leadership skills and attributes.
The toolkit can help you, and your workplace, get a better grasp of the key leadership attributes and skills – and inspire you to action them!
It can encourage everyone to improve their own leadership abilities. 
It provides a topic a day for awareness, discussion and introspection.
It provides information on that topic for ease of understanding, learning and
It can help leaders increase their knowledge band-width. 
It can help all of us transform South Africa’s leadership landscape.
The toolkit has been put together by the members of the Boss of the Year® Leadership Club: workplace leaders who have risen to the top ranks in the annual Boss of the Year® Leadership Award.

   Blueprint for workplace Leadership in the 21st Century

Articles Featured
∙ Leadership and Social Responsibility by Dr Adele Berndt 
∙ Putting your Leaders where it Counts by Alan Bird
∙ The Management of Transformation in South Africa by Allan Feldman
 ∙ Back to Basics for Leaders by Prof Andy Andrews 
∙ Fast Tracking Black Leadership by Bertie Wicks 
∙ Inspirational Leadership by Brand Pretorius 
∙ VISA to (W)hole Leadership by Christo Nel 
∙ Understanding Leadership by Cynthia Schoeman 
∙ The essence of Leadership is Servanthood by Edward Kieswetter 
∙ Leadership lessons from Unexpected Sources by Graeme Codrington 
∙ Inspired Leaders Inspire Others by Dr John Tibane
∙ Current Trends in Leadership Thinking by Jonathan Cook
∙ A Question of Balance by Keith Brown 
∙ The Meaning of Leadership and Management in SA by Linda van der Colff 
∙ On the Horns of a Dilemma by Patrick Palmer 
∙ Dealers in Hope by Peter Laburn 
∙ The difference between Good and Great Leaders by Ray Laferla 
∙ Taking the Mystery out of Leadership by Tony Manning

   CEO Book (2005 Edition)

In this publication, you will find a review of the discussions held at the CEO Leadership Summit in 2004. It also includes articles sourced from overseas to showcase some of the thinking and practices in other shores.

Some of the articles featured

· When the CEO leaves, do others follow? 
· Leadership Development: A Scandinavian model 
· The Virtual Corporation: Is there really a future? 
· A remarkable approach to healthier organisations 
· The implications of the differences between Teams and Work groups

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Leadership words of wisdom

Leadership is the challenge to be something more than average.
--Jim Rohn


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