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Boss of the Year 2012 Finalists

André de Ruyter
Senior Group Executive

Dr Kebalepile Mokgethi
Chief Executive Officer
Royal Bafokeng Health

Nominated by Charmain Fourie who says of him:

André takes an active interest in his staff’s growth and development, recognising and treasuring their contributions and achievements. Not only does he do this by showing his humanity, displaying gratitude and showing sincere thanks, but by actively supporting and coaching his staff and ultimately by seeking and securing better career opportunities for them.

André is an excellent communicator and because he shares relevant information openly he ensures that all employees and interest groups are able to work towards a common goal. He is a well rounded leader focussed on celebrating success in the organisation and is highly trusted and respected for integrity.



His nominator Thabo Swathe says of him:

My Boss deserves to be recognized through this award for he has worked tirelessly to make a mark in the Health and Social Services sector in the North West Province, and making our department an Employer of Choice for professionals in the Health and Social Services sector.

He has a special way of motivating his employees, and his charisma inspire all of us.
Besides other support systems, we have an Employee Assistance Programme where employees can receive assistance together with their family members. My boss has initiated this to assist us because we are deal with situations that are overwhelming e.g the many HIV orphans we visit, and the plight of the poverty stricken families.

Roy Pillay
Senior Manager Card Fraud



Kobus Lindeque
Area Director
Monsanto Africa

Nominated by Ashne Ramlowtan-Pillay who says:

Roy is dynamic, innovative, and resourceful - a peoples person who nevertheless does not lose sight of the divisions goals. Roy values trust and we know that he trusts us.

On a monthly basis, three staff members are nominated as top achievers. We get together on Friday afternoons, irrespective of the weather, to have ice-cream cones. Roy allows us this time to bond with fellow colleagues. Spontaneously, on some Wednesdays, Roy would buy us “wacky Wednesdays” lunch. When we approach him with ideas for functions, Roy is always supportive with time and money. At the start of long week-ends, we get time off to leave early. On an annual basis, Roy makes the effort to nominate deserving staff to the Nedbank top achiever program.

Magda Du Toit, who nominated him tells us:

Although Kobus provides excellent direction to the company and inspires goals for the employees, he
does not only lead people; he leads development, careers, and individual lives. But most of all, Kobus does not view his position as a right to influence others; he sees it as a privilege.
Although Kobus visits various sites regularly, he believes in an Open Door-policy and even though he has a full programme, he is always prepared to set time aside for conversations with employees - and makes them feel important to the company.
Everyone in the organization, across all levels and every aspect of diversity, is naturally drawn to him. With his magnetic personality, the corridors bustle with excited, energized and happy people who actually like coming to work every day.

Dr Liam Terblanche
Chief Information Officer

Nopasika Lila
Chief Financial Officer
Eskom Pension and Provident Fund

His nominator Christo Krause tells us:

Liam is an inspiring leader who leads by example and is always on top of the latest developments. Although he is about 20 years younger than me, I am proud to call Dr Liam Terblanche my boss. He definitely is the best boss I’ve ever had.
He sets high standards but will always express his appreciation for work done well, even for work still in progress. When a new product or feature is launched he will give credit to the people who worked on it. He plays a big role in instilling a positive culture in our company. I feel more that I'm working WITH him than FOR him.

Cynthia Makoatsane says in the nomination:

Besides being visionary, Ms Lila is a good coach who motivates employees to think like owners. And empowers us to do the things we enjoy doing.
She provides direction and inspires our goals
by instilling passion about the vision and mission of the organization. And also by establishing an environment conducive to continuous improvement both personally and professionally. Something we apperiate is her offering employees “time-out” when it's important by allowing us to leave the office early or take half day off!

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The first task of a leader is to keep hope alive.
Joe Batten


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