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l Some of the lessons that Boss of the Year® have taught us!

Leaders are not the privy of a certain gender, age, religion or race; neither are they all tall, grandiloquent and charismatic; nor are they from particular geographic areas or socio-economic backgrounds; and last but not least, thankfully they are not found only in certain professions or fields of enterprise.

But despite their different physical, academic and professional profiles, they do have common characteristics that distinguish them among which 'courage' is fairly dominant.

Other common traits are:

1.  Provides direction for the company and inspires goals for their people

2.  Facilitates growth by promoting career development paths for employees

3.  Fosters diversity in the workplace with programmes that encourage intercultural

4.  Creates forums for managers and employees to resolve workplace issues

5.  Supports employees with healthcare and pension benefits

6.  Promotes workplace security and safety 

7. Are role models in ethics, etiquette and listening skills

l  Why recipient of title is not referred to as 'winner'
We refer to our search for the Boss of the Year® as an exercise in looking for South Africa's top bosses, and when the six finalists are elected they are in fact the top six - that is why when one of them is then elected as Boss of the Year® we don't refer to him/her as winner, but rather as titlebearer, because in essence (s)he is a spokesperson for the top bosses. 

Why the Award has the word "Boss" in it

For three reasons

1   'Boss' is the only term which is a common denominator for those whose job title
     signifies a position of being in charge of a team, or of a department or of the 

2    'Boss' is also a word that everyone recognises, whether it is the tea lady, 
      company driver, secretary/PA, bookkeeper, or technician and this is
      important because we need to appeal to the workforce at large in a
      language that everyone understands; and hence increases the chance
      of getting to  know of the good bosses who may havebeen left out of being
      nominated if we called the award 'Leader of the Year'.

We are aware that some people attach a negative sentiment to the word boss
       in that it evokes the past bossy leader, but with Award we are repositioning
       the word boss as a modern and enlightened people leader

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Leadership words of wisdom

One measure of leadership is the calibre of people who choose to follow you. 
--Dennis A. Peer


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