m Emerging Leader of the Year (ELTY)

Current Titleholder:
Hlulisani  Mukwevho, IDP Manager, Emfuleni Local Municipality profile

The Emerging Leader of the Year (ELTY) award is conferred annually in October. (S)he is presented with a framed certificate during the National Bosses Day banquet. 

Launched in 2002, this award is designed to highlight the leadership potential of a South African workplace leader, whilst recognizing his/her accomplishments to date.. It seeks to recognise leaders at work, whether in private or public sectors, who demonstrate leadership acumen, and an interest in strengthening their own knowledge-bank. The ELTY titlebearers are diverse and not bound by age, function, or title; they do share one common characteristic: high leadership potential.

The Criteria

The succesful candidate is selected from the nominees for the Boss of the Year® Award who reach the top 25 stage.

The ELTY already shows that (s)he is a boss who leads with head and heart; has the skills, enthusiasm and energy that are required for leadership today – and above all shows promise of becoming an outstanding rolemodel.

l The Catalyst for ELTY Award

The past couple of years have placed the national leadership imperative top of the Agenda. The challenge is fundamentally about sound, meaningful and inspiring leadership – the kind of leadership that leads to exceptional results.

Workplaces everywhere - in big and small cities; in the public and private sector; as large corporates and SMMEs - need to be encouraged and made to feel that we are a winning nation. There are many ways to achieve this, but one sure way is appeal to the minds and hearts of leaders - by encouraging them to lead better; to be better at their jobs at the helm so that the people they lead achieve better results!

l South African places of work are the best breeding ground   

South African places of work are the best breeding ground for the positive breeding of new enlightened leaders, and that is where our collective efforts will focus a significant energy.

l Creating a mindset for life-long learning

One of the imperatives for leadership development is instilling the need for life-long learning - and as the prize for the Emerging Leader of the Year, it sends a clear message that leadership requires a fundamental inclination to continued learning and investment in one’s growth: skills-wise and character wise.

l Partnership with a business school

The ELTY Award was conceived as one where the prize/s would be of a leadership development nature. The purpose being both to foster and accelerate personal and professional growth by attending programmes/courses where the honouree gets the opportunity to:

1. Heighten self-awareness

2. Develop core leadership competencies

3. Undergo reflection and self discovery

4. Sharpen personal leadership skills

The Business School is the official prize sponsor of the recipient of the Award

l Titleholders of the Emerging Leader of the Year Award

Hulisani Mukwevho
IDP Manager
Emfuleni Local Municipality



Haseena Vangeria
System Security Manager
Standard Bank of SA, Marshalltown 

Peter Sekgobela
Regional Manager
Wozobona/Sekhukhune Educare Project


Ntsikelelo Mpela
School Principal
Bopang-Kgotso Primary School


Jules Newton
Managing Director
Avocado Vision



Alcino Pecego
Managing Director
Kwikspar Observatory


Sharanjeet Shan
Executive Director
Maths Centre for Prof. Teachers



Genevieve Ki
Sous Chef
Caesars Gauteng

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Sophie Mashaba
Chief Nurse
Esangweni Clinic





Leadership words of wisdom

Somewhere, sometime, the leader within each of us may get the call to step forward.
-James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner.

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