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Over the period of two decades the Boss of the Year® Award has showcased many leaders from various organisations, in various fields of work, and in different levels of leadership positions.

What has been built is a South African homegrown community of exemplars - of men and women that have shown a commitment to above average leadership practices.


The organisers of the Award decided in 2006 that something should be done about this pool of leaders.

Why a BOTY Leadership Club

BOTY needs to, and should, be a living entity that simultaneously leaves a legacy.


Over the years, some finalists verbalized their interest in maintaining contact with others, and when in 2006 this request was made again, it became obvious there was a real need to create such a communication and networking channel.

Because …

Together, we need to commit to do something about BOTY’s history so that the torch stays alive for many more years to come.

l Pre-Launch of the BOTY Leadership Club

In 2008, coinciding with the Award’s 19th anniversary, and with MTN SA Foundation as new patron of the Boss of the Year® Award, the EXCO of the Award  invited previous titlebearers and Finalists to a Reunion.

Why it all started at the 19th anniversary in particular was to signal the countdown to 2010, the landmark year celebrating its 21st anniversary.

l The 2008 – 2011 Action Plan in brief

·     In 2008  - BOTY 19th anniversary: The reunion at BOTY banquet.

·     In 2009 -  BOTY 20th anniversary: The first BOTY convention.

·     In 2010  - BOTY  21st  anniversary - the second BOTY convention.
·     In 2011 -  BOTY 22nd anniversary - the third BOTY convention.
·     In 2012 -  BOTY 23rd anniversary - the forth BOTY convention.


l The Club’s Vision

It is a Club for executives who have a track record of success as workplace leaders in their respective fields and industries, and who have a deep passion and commitment to take their leadership knowledge-bank to an entirely new level. 

The vision is thus threefold:

·    to harness the collective wisdom (deep smart) of members for the 
     benefit of others.

·    to inspire emerging leaders in various industries to become inspirational.

·    to spread the message that being a great captain of commerce and 
     industry can be synonymous with being a great boss.


l The Mission

The mission recognises two things: 

·   THAT we have a great leadership vacuum in society that could benefit 
     from the track record and role-modelling that BOTY members could 
     offer – we need more torch-bearers!

·   THAT the very essence of leadership lies in being able to impart one’s 
     vision and sense of direction to others, and to work in a group setting to 
     develop a sense of direction.

THEREFORE, the mission is to create opportunities for a cohort of like-minded leaders to:

Connect, Communicate, Collaborate and Contribute.

Each Club member will be a giver and a taker, student as well as a teacher, a leader as well as a follower.


l The mission in practice will see BOTY Leadership Club members:

·     Encourage diversity of perspectives, cross-pollination of ideas and 
      strategic alliances.

·     Promote best leadership practices within SA.

·     Have core values that set them apart from all other ‘clubs’: durable,
      proudly South African values.

·     Create hope for the future of our country and of the various
      industries represented in the 
      BOTY Club!


·     Develop a philanthropic dimension.


l The philanthropic dimension: Outreach

The role of the Club is also to have an outreach philosophy, a philanthropic dimension, as its members have the option to engage in the following developmental opportunities:


On a personal level:

·    Mentoring/Coaching.

·    Identify young talent.  

·    Speaking at  Business Schools and Management faculties.

     At company level:

·    Influencing the creation of leadership-skills development programmes
     within their own organisations to actively promote a bank of leaders 
     for the national economy.

     At community/society at large level:

·    Leadership development initiatives.

·    Commitment to systematically and deliberately identifying and developing 
     future leaders.

l Scope and Coverage

Membership exclusive to leaders who reached the upper echelons of the Boss of the Year® Award.

The membership profile is that of senior-level executives to ensure a high level of interaction and to strengthen the relationship among South Africa’s  workplace leaders.

The position of a “benevolent’ leader is often a lonely one, and the opportunity to exchange ideas and practices with like-minded peers is to be welcomed.
All semi-finalists and finalists in the BOTY Award are leaders who have been identified by their teams as being role-models, and these are the people who set the standards and practices which define the age they live in.

Over the past 20 years, they have emerged from many and varied industries:

·    manufacturing and retailing

·    mining and construction

·    medical and financial

·    media and communications,

·    research and academia,

·    government… and many more!


Equally, the designations they hold cover a wide spectrum of management positions: Chairmen, CEOs, MDs, Directors, GMs, Managers and Heads of Departments.

This diversity of knowledge and experience of its members will constitute one of the Club’s richest assets as it will encourage innovative thinking, promote open-mindedness  as well as the humility to continuously assess goals, better understand vulnerabilities, explore solutions to challenges and strengthen members resolve to strive for leadership excellence.

l The annual BOTY Leadership Club Convention

The annual Convention is the main means, and medium, to fulfil the mission of the Club and honour its vision.

The Convention takes place in early August each year, and coincides with the announcement of the 15 semi-finalists for the year.

The Convention programme design has the following components:

Imbizos:– for thinking through and examining key leadership trends and perspectives.

In Conversation with – for asking and consulting.
ClubSPEAK – for determining and sharing.

Keynotes – for listening and broadening perspectives.

Lunch hour – for networking with peers and the media.

The programme runs for a full day and at an exclusive and 5-star venue.

l The Convention’s benefits for members

·  Being able to network, and  build trusted relationships in a creative and
   exclusive learning environment through openness, integrity and
An outlet for sharing the trials and  tribulations as well as the highlights 
   of being a boss.
·  Unique knowledge enrichment derived from the various inputs on what
   worked and what did not work; the sharing of ideas and experiences at
   the coal-face.
Opportunities to pen down  experiences, perspectives and expertise.
An immediate network of peer-to-peer advisors or mentors.

Staying in touch

A monthly Circular is sent out to all members. The Circular aims to inform, update, inspire camaraderie and keep all in tune with what’s hot and what’s
cool in the realm of leadership.





Leadership words of wisdom

The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.
Ken Blanchard


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